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Catalog > SNAP JEWELRY- FLAT BEZEL SNAP TOP - sold by the piece

SNAP JEWELRY- FLAT BEZEL SNAP TOP - sold by the piece-snap jewelry
SNAP JEWELRY- FLAT BEZEL SNAP TOP - sold by the piece-snap jewelry

Have you seen the newest interchangeable jewelry craze? SNAP Jewelry is all the rage. We created a way to make interchangeable SNAP Style jewelry using our glass domes and bezel tray blank craft method but with the interchangeable snap function. We are so excited to offer this to our customers!

This listing is for our 16mm bezel setting with a snap back. This is one piece! Have you seen the 2 or 3 piece snap components that require you to glue the pieces together to create a snap bezel using a tray and a snap? We solved that by creating a mold for a one piece snap-bezel and we hope you love it as much as we do.

I have been experimenting with these for the last few days because I am not used to a shallow bezel. I am used to having a deep tray so I can hide all of my 'messiness' - lol. I have never been fond of trimming my graphics. I prefer circle punches to hand trimming. In this case I have had the best luck with 2 methods. 

Method #1:
We have a set of Mayhew punches and I punched out 14mm circle graphics. I used card stock for my first experiment. I used our Mod Podge in a bottle to 'paint' the back side of a 16mm piece of domed glass. I slid my graphic around on the glass until it was completely coated and no bubbles existed. Then I let it dry. Once dry I used a 14mm adhesive seal to adhere the finished glass cabochon into the shallow bezel tray. Beautiful!

Here is a link to the Mod Podge in a bottle - in our etsy shop - 

Method #2:
My other method was to punch out a 5/8" circle graphic from my glossy photo paper. I carefully applied a craft seal to the glass and then adhered my graphic to the seal. I then trimmed the edges so nothing was hanging over the edge. The snap bezel is too shallow to hide any of the excess graphic which is why you need to trim the edge. Once my edge is trimmed I used another craft seal to adhere into the bezel. I use the 14mm seals because they are a tiny bit smaller than the glass and will fit nice and neat into the bezel.

We have several bases that the snap tray bezels fit as we show in picture #2. The pendant base, earring wires and bracelet are all described as "Noosa Jewelry". I don't have any Noosa Brand Jewelry so I have not tried our bezel with any bases except for the ones we sell. 

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